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Nature is a great experience that must be protected for future generations.

At this website a nature conservation project is presented with all its diversity and beauty. In the current days with climate change and species extinction it shall encourage to act and show that there are many possibilities for everyone to help protecting a natural environment. Seeking action and fun is part of a good live but no one should forget the impact to the environment and future of the planet. Everyone can find ways for a sustainable living. It is not without effort but it is worth doing and can be very satisfying

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A contribution to biodiversity

The Natural Oasis is not only important for endangered species but shall be a home for a multitude of different species.

The project Natural Oasis Reindobl shall contribute to biodiversity. Of major importance for that is the protection of biotopes, because plants and animals extinct due to the loss of suited habitats. Especially wetlands and species living there are in danger with the ongoing drainage work for agriculture and industry.  

The preservation of diversity is often more important than the protection of a single endangered species. The value of the biotopes at the Natural Oasis Reindobl consists not only in the population of endangered species but in the plurality of species that have resettled here.  more ...


At the Bavarian Forest Nature Park

At the Bavarian Forest Nature Park people can experience the beauty of nature

The Natural Oasis Reindobl is located within the region of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park. The development of this nature park is supervised by the registered society “Naturpark Bayerischer Wald e.V.”. This society is working on the creation of a natural habitat for man and nature. Live of residents, tourism and agriculture is organised to be in harmony with nature as much as possible. In addition to that there are areas with absolute priority of nature. A main task of the society is publicity with guided tours at which one can learn a lot about nature and history of the Bavarian Forest. That’s why at this site reports of those tours and of other events can be found.   more ...


Advance notice: Lessons on scythe in 2020 at Reindobl

Instructor Georg Hahn; Photo: Inge Wittenzellner
Instructor Georg Hahn; Photo: Inge Wittenzellner

More and more people want to have a wildflower meadow instead of a uniform short grassland. In addition to that they want to maintain the meadow with best environmental practice. Due to that growing interest in the work with the scythe there are two lessons planned for 2020 in Reindobl. Instructor will be Georg Hahn from the Scythe Society Germany. Expected dates will be in June and September 2020. Interested persons can apply in advance without obligation. The number of participants is limited to 8 persons per course.  more ...

Birth of a Sand Lizard

birth of a sand lizard
What will I experience outside?

By chance and with lot of patience the birth of a sand lizard could be observed.


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A tour through the natural oasis

Dunkler Wiesenknopf-Ameisenbläuling
From June to August the Dusky Large Blue can be admired.

Interested people are invited to take a tour through the natural oasis and to learn more about the live of the Dusky Large Blue as well as other animals. Simply get in touch and make an appointment. 

The tour is around 1,5 km and leads through uneven terrain with high and sometimes wet grass. It should be noticed as well that also disagreeable animals like Ticks, Mosquitos and Splayed Deerflies live in the natural oasis.


Stiftung Nationales Naturerbe

To the official site of the foundation Natural Oasis Reindobl
To the official site of the foundation Natural Oasis Reindobl


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